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Some of the Incredible people around the world I have Helped Build Digital Assets that pay Multiple Streams of Cash Flow to them MONTHLY from their products, programs and services

 Chad Eljisr Did Over $1,000 in his 1st round funding while traveling Romania 

Plus Chad did another $5000+ in his 2nd round funding for the same product.

 Dr Jen Daniels did $15,000+ 1st round funding for a $297 Product om the jungles of Central America

And she continues sell her digital program for Candida and Weightloss programs to this very day

 Rita Moses in Australia did $500 in 1st Round Funding with Facebook

She only used her social media onnections plus she upsold a few of them into her $1000 coaching

Prof. NYU Mack Burrett sold (2) $5000 Programs in his first round of funding BEFORE he even created his program

Mack used the same strategies I train you in Sell First Build Later to prefund ad presell his programs

 Hiro Imafuji fom Japan Grew his Kendo following from a fw hundred to over 40,000 in social media and from selling $50 Digital Programs to selling over $1000 programs monthy

Hiro who now is a profesor at Purdue Universety in Indiana USA and has the worlds largest onine Kendo following

 Peter Taffe in Colorado got his first 5 Sales at $97 Each

Pastor Peter got his first Sell First Build Later Clients (6) at $97 each and was able to later sell High End Coaching packages at $900 each

 Roger Haeske in Arizona made Almos $1200 in Selling 12 Copies in minutes using My unique pre-sales Strategies

"Darren I sold out in just 41 minutes. I've sold 10 spots for $99.99 in 15 minutes. This was with no sales page at all. Just the Zaxaa checkout page.  

"Thank you Darren as you're ideas and extra coaching made this possible for me."

Very Funny VIDEO Testimonials from ALL of my Different Workshops Included and their AMAZING Success

Dr Jen in Central America $30,000

David in Australia Made a Breakthrough

Queenie in LA California made $22,000


Rita in Australia PreSold her Program

Mack from NYC Closed a

$5000 Deal

Carin from Washington

Sriram from India

Miriam from NYC


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