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Former DreamWorks Universal Film Marketer Reveals How to Get Paid FIRST to Build Info Products Coaching and Done for You Services as a UNIQUE Authority so that you can Sell High Ticket Programs via my Hollywood and Silicon Valley Techniques

Use Your Life Experience to Build Digital Assets Online That Pay You Every Day so You Never have to Depend on a 9 to 5 Low Income Paying Job Again

Earn $180,000 to $600,000 a Year? GUARANTEED? Here is the TRUTH



Have you ever spent hours, days and even weeks building a product only to see ZERO SALES? Well believe it or not it happens all the time. But you know what the truly SAD PART is? You could have saved a ton of time, money and lost revenue if you just did ONE SIMPLE THING..... validate it. From This point on you will never create a product first without finding out through validation if someone is truly interested in buying it.

I cannot tell you how many times I have made this mistake myself. The worst one is how I actually built a 40 video training site only to get 3 sales in 2 months. I was ready to throw my computer out of the window and STRANGLE the guru that told me through their training to "make a product first then try to sell it". Despite my marketing background at Universal and DreamWorks I still did  

One of THE stupidest things I have ever done Online

Learn from my stupidity and NEVER make a product before you sell it. That is "Ass Backwards" As long a you stick with me you will never fall prey to that idiotic thinking again.

Now don't get me wrong making a product is an important thing to learn. But ONLY after you learned to SELL it first. When I reverse engineered what I did wrong I also realized I could us the same strategies that worked in Hollywood. 

Selling PROVES there is a marketplace and shuts up any naysayers....especially the ones you know personally. It is the true transition between talking about making a product, making the product and PRAYING they darn thing actually sells.

Money TALKS BS Walks

PLUS here is the OTHER PROBLEM...... Pre-selling to get people DESIROUS to buy your products before you officially make your products public. What I mean is after you create the program you must have a consistent way to sell repeatedly online..

And that GURU multiple different product launch CRAP does not work. You MUST establish a TRUST and DESIRE before you truly sell anything online. The best case scenario is selling something to people who are already are buying things similar (though not the same) to what you are selling in the marketplace.

Build DESIRE Like Apple does with IPhones

Imagine working HARD to sell you products BEFORE you make them. And let's say you sold to 10 people at $100 each. Your product seems like an initial success. But that STOPS as soon as you notice that you no longer have desirous prospects. 

You need campaigns that gets NEW EXCITED prospects ready to buy. Because without that it is going to be incredibly hard to sell in a competitive online marketplace. There is NO WAY you can exist in that marketplace without a campaign that resells your products.

Believe me I tried for YEARS. It was a big lesson until I learned an insider secret that less than 1% of any marketplace understands or knows.

Here is "Insider" Secret and Solution..........

Sell First Build Later

What if instead of "creating products" then "hoping" you might sell something. We KNOW because we test sell to a small group and then deliver in a special way that gets almost ZERO refunds online. I currently have less than 1% refunds out of over 100,000 transactions across 100+ countries since 2005.

So I know something about Refund Prevention Strategies

SELL First BUILD Later will help you do (2) things

  • Get Paid to build your products by getting the money first
  • Get Fast Sales from excited people who are excited about your products 

Here is What You Get with SELL First BUILD Later 

  •  Private access to my Client Area
  • (40+) Training videos Over 10 Hours
  • LIVE Bi Weekly Training ($2000 Yearly Value) 
  • 12 Months FREE Email Coaching ($2400 Value)
  •  REAL LIFE Case Studies of Students Earning Money
  •  Psychologically Sneaky ways to Sell
  •  PROVEN Strategies to Sell FIRST to total Strangers
  •  PROVEN Strategies to Sell first to your Email list
  •  PROVEN Strategies to Sell first to on Social Media for FREE
  •  Incredible Bonuses

 Get PAID to Create Your Products then use Hollywood Pre-Sell Methods to Build Intense Desire for Your Products

1 The SCARY Truth about Creating Products FIRST

Imagine doing the DUMB thing I did.... I created a very in depth product / program with 40+ videos. I spent weeks building this thing only to sell (3) copies at $50 bucks each. 

OUCH and that is when I decided to GET THE MONEY FIRST then build it later. You NEVER want to build something unless you have money in hand.

2 The Secret ART of Preselling 

Pre-Selling is the easiest and yet most exciting way to build your sales. Because with Pre-selling you are not actually selling. 

You are educating your audience WHY they should buy something that is not even available to them yet. 

And you are using the same Hollywood Strategies I used to Market over $6 BILLION Dollars in Films

3 How to Build Intense Desire

Learn how to turn people ON to buying from you before you have anything to sell. There is nothing like having emails that ask about purchasing you programs BEFORE you even have one to offer. 

4 How to turn Desire into Sales 

Hey it is one thing to turn someone ON with Desire. But another to bridge that to a transaction of CASH. 

Remember you are attracting them so they become your client / customer. And I will show you exactly how to do that the RIGHT way. 

5 Secret Enrollment Techniques

There are 2 types of Enrollment strategies you are going to learn about. The first EVERYONE knows they do it in those "launches" where they open the cart and sell and then close it after a couple of days. 

However there is a secret sophisticated enrollment method that happens BEFORE the cart opens. This is what I call a Secret Pre- Enrollment strategy and it is a powerful technique nearly no one uses online in any marketplace.

6 My Case Studies 

There are 2 types of case studies I do. See both my Hollywood Case studies and real members of Sell First Build Later.



Have you ever worked incredibly hard to compete in your marketplace? I have and certainly am a natural competitor and went all out to beat the other guy. But when you do "win" that coveted spot of #1 Authority in your marketplace another probelm pops up. The new problem is that you have to KEEP your top spot. And what you will begin to notice is that it is twice as hard to keep a #1 position than to gain it.  

No matter how many times I have fought to keep on top of it all. There will always be times whene the "new" hot thing will outweigh the top ranked authority. The challenge is that it is insane to compete versus contrasting in the marketplace. It is the only way you can DEFEAT anyone from even thinking about Googling your offer. In other words you must be UNIQUE in your marketplace. And the exciting news is that is easier than you think.  

Eliminate 100% of Your Competition by Doing These 3 Things...  

Learn from my mistakes quickly. If you want to eliminate the competition you will have to do the following 3 things daily. First you must CHALLENGE the status quo thinking in your marketplace. IF you want to STAND OUT and look different you have to SPEAK differently. Your TRIBE language must sound different from others. 

Accenture which in 2016 had a net revenues of $32.9 billion, with more than 394,000 employees serving clients in more than 200 cities in 120 countries. Is infamous for changing it's Arthur Andersen name (original founder) and now has a whole new tribe language.  

The second thing you must do daily is challennge the Industry MYTHS in your marketplace. Do not except the generally acceptable or commplace thinking. Because if you think sound and act like them you will be ike them (others in the marketplace).  

The thrid thing you have to o is REVEAL the taboo or elephants in the room. This can sometimes be a scary and tough thing to do. Our human nature is to "belong" to something and find ways to be accepted versus polorizing. However if you want to build a TRIBE of emotionally stronggly connected people to you and your brand. You MUST become repulsive polorizing and definitive. This requires you to talk about the touch subjects in your marketplace.  

Executing these 3 things daily creates a MAJOR difference between you and EVERYONE in your marketplace. It draws people NEARER to you and 10X your TRUST FACTOR.  

Authority of ONE will help you do (2) things  

  • ELIMINATE 100% of Your Competition without competing
  • Become the ONLY Authority in your marketplace with UNIQUE High Ticket Offers  

Here is What You Get with Authority of ONE  

  • Private access to my Client Area
  • (10+) Training videos Over 2 Hours
  • 12 Months FREE Email Coaching ($2400 Value)
  • REAL LIFE Case Studies of REAL Authority Sites
  • Psychologically ways to POLORIZE
  • PROVEN Strategies to STAND OUT
  • PROVEN Strategies to EXECUTE this Across the Internet
  • Incredible Bonuses

 Become the ONLY Unique Authority in your Marketplace by Eliminating 100% of Your Competition in 30 Days or LESS

1 Becoming the ONLY Authority

2 ELIMINATE 100% of the Competition Quickly


4 How to Build Authority Daily



Instead of trying to get 7000 people to buy your $7 Product why not sell a $7000 product to 7 people? That is the simple discovery I made since 2011 and have n\helped my clients earn MILLIONS doing the same thing. And now you can too because it comes down to simple mathmatics. I call it the Math Money Mindset and it is how you can get excited about the REAL numbers.  

No matter how many times you sell a product program or service high ticket premium pricing makes it a LOT easier. I am going to show you the building blocks to selling and building a nd developing over time a premium program. 

Charge More Money will help you do (2) things  

  • Charge High Ticket Premiums for Your Programs and Services
  • Target people who are MOST LIKELY TO PAY Premium Prices

Here is What You Get with Charge More Money 

  • Private access to my Client Area
  • (20+) Training videos Over 2 Hours
  • 12 Months FREE Email Coaching ($2400 Value)
  • REAL LIFE Case Studies
  • Hyper Target Markets that Pay PREMIUMS
  • PROVEN Strategies to SELL High Ticket Offers
  • PROVEN Strategies to BUILD High Ticket Offers
  • PROVEN Strategies to EXECUTE 
  • Incredible Bonuses

Create and Sell Highly Customized Tailored High Ticket Programs for Niche Hyper Targeted Audiences

1 Insiders Secret to Selling High Ticket Online

2 Secret High Ticket Models

3 HOW to Setup a Simple Prospecting for your High Ticket Programs Onlne

4 HOW to Sell High Ticket Programs Onlne

5 HOW to BUILD Customized High Ticket Programs Onlne


BONUS: SERIALIZER Workshop Selling for $197

PLUS I am adding a NEW SERIALIZER Workshop BONUS I just created that will go in depth about how to create NEW FRESH UPDATES to your Program targeting Specialized Audiences i.e. bloggers, Doctors, salon owner i.e.

BONUS: SEQUELIZER Workshop Selling for $197

I also am adding a NEW SEQUELIZER Workshop BONUS I just created that will go in depth about how to create YEARLY and SEASONAL updates hat your programs are always FRESH without you having to recreate them

BONUS BOLD Workshop Selling for $97

My BOLD Workshop is one of the GUTSY training conversations about facing your fears and flaws. Standing TALL in the mist of haters and negative people.

In this workshop I am LITERALLY speaking from TEARS


This is my BEST Selling Workshop Ever! That is because I am always keeping it FRESH and on point! 

You are going to learn the DEFINITION PURPOSE and REASON of a Brand so that you STAND OUT from the sea of competition!







Get my FORBES Training that I sold on a CD years ago for $97 This is the worlds ONLY CD on Premium Psychology Pricing


Turn Your VALUE into a Online Fortune! Wake Your Assets up is a call to use your talents and skills to ENGAGE> Get LEADS and SELL online in your own authentic way



Join me Weekly for PAID and FREE LeadGen Strategies for boh INBOUND and OUTBOUND

You are going to learn the DEFINITION PURPOSE and REASON of a Brand so that you STAND OUT from the sea of competition!

BONUS 12 Months Email Coaching a $2400 Value

I m going to actually coach you for 12 months via email video and sometimes audio. So this is going to be VERY interactive. 

The first real engagement we will have will be about your FIRST sell and how quickly we can get you the money FIRST.

BONUS JOIN Me LIVE Baby!!! $2000 Value Yearly

Join me LIVE Bi Weekly for an ENTERTAINING walk through of the ENTIRE Program where I BARE ALL (well not all). 

But you get to see the CHEATSHEET coverage so you know when and where to start

PROOF from Real People that Sold Programs First then Built them Later while Establishing Authority and Selling Customized High Ticket Programs

 Chad Eljisr Did Over $1,000 in his 1st round funding while traveling Romania 

Plus Chad did another $5000+ in his 2nd round funding for the same product.

 Dr Jen Daniels did $15,000+ 1st round funding for a $297 Product om the jungles of Central America

And she continues sell her digital program for Candida and Weightloss programs to this very day

 Rita Moses in Australia did $500 in 1st Round Funding with Facebook

She only used her social media onnections plus she upsold a few of them into her $1000 coaching

Prof. NYU Mack Burrett sold (2) $5000 Programs in his first round of funding BEFORE he even created his program

Mack used the same strategies I train you in Sell First Build Later to prefund ad presell his programs

 Hiro Imafuji fom Japan Grew his Kendo following from a fw hundred to over 40,000 in social media and from selling $50 Digital Programs to selling over $1000 programs monthy

Hiro who now is a profesor at Purdue Universety in Indiana USA and has the worlds largest onine Kendo following

 Peter Taffe in Colorado got his first 5 Sales at $97 Each

Pastor Peter got his first Sell First Build Later Clients (6) at $97 each and was able to later sell High End Coaching packages at $900 each

 Roger Haeske in Arizona made Almos $1200 in Selling 12 Copies in minutes using My unique pre-sales Strategies

"Darren I sold out in just 41 minutes. I've sold 10 spots for $99.99 in 15 minutes. This was with no sales page at all. Just the Zaxaa checkout page.  

Thank you Darren as you're ideas and extra coaching made this possible for me."

Introducing My Elite Program.......


$40,000+ in Value Sold for Only...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

If for any reason you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of your purchase just email my support at Quesswho@DarrenMonroe.com and I will refund the 100% of your purchase no questions asked