Coaches, Consultants and Advisors
Charge Your Value

Coaches, Consultants and Advisors Learn to Charge 100% to over 3000% More. NEVER Undervalue yourself again. Because You Are More Valuable Than You Think!

(3) Reasons You Should Charge More Money

  • Simple Math

    It is easier to sell and manage a 50 person $6000 program than to sell 6000 people a $50 program.
  • Charge More Money

    STOP the Scarcity Mindset and Start using PREMIUM Pricing in your Marketplace via My Signature Models
  • Better LIfestyle

    If you are age 40 or older like me you want to focus more on enjoying life than just working .

Need Help? Contact Me
But I have Some Serious RULES
I am NOT in the "Everyone" Business

Who I Will NEVER Work with

Biz Opp Make Money Online with no History of a Business
Money Hungry People who do not care about their clients / customers
Affiliate / MLM Marketers (Business is mainly based on affiliate commissions)


Who I ALWAYS Work With

People who take action DOERS not just Thinkers

Businesses Earning Money Online (BEMO’s)

Positive Engaging Entrepreneurs who are serious about Results

People who CARE about their Clients and Genuinly WANT to Help Them